Complete Kids Nutrition

As busy parents (to a gorgeous 10 year old girl), we know all too well that children can be fussy eaters! With that in mind we also know sometimes it can be hard to ensure our kids receive the right nutrients and calories their growing bodies need.

After we experienced the daily struggle and stress of a super fussy child, who would eat a limited range of whole foods at best, we began researching on the go options for our little girl. We found there was plenty of fast food or snack options readily available in the market place targeted at kids but if we took the time to have a closer look at the ingredients the bulk of them were stacked with artificial flavours, colours, were high in refined sugar but were lacking on real nutritional value. So soon after the home made smoothie trials began… and after numerous success to our daughters delight we decided to take it a step further and Complete Kids Nutrition was born.

We have developed a yummy, and easy to make superfood milkshake range with kid’s taste-buds in mind! Taking all the hard work out of the equation for other parents our shakes ensure your children will receive all the nutrients their growing bodies need in one kid-approved milkshake!

Our shakes are suitable for kids from 4 - 12 years old (2 or 3 year-olds can have a half serve).

Our superfood shakes are a powder that are simply mixed in a shaker or blender with water (hooray) and come in three tasty, kid friendly flavours; chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.

Our superfood shakes are milk powder based with 2 forms of protein, 18 essential vitamins and minerals along with speciality ingredients such as omega-3 fish oil, pro-biotic fibre and colostrum.

Our superfood shakes are made from natural colours and natural flavours, low lactose, low sugar (NO refined sugars added), low fat, low sodium, low GI and gluten free, making them the perfect option for breakfast, morning tea, afternoon tea or before bed.

Enjoy them cold, warm or frozen into ice blocks for a treat in the warmer weather!

Our aim has been to provide you with an option that makes it easy to make a healthier choice when it comes to your kids. We also hope to continue to educate you and your children on the benefits of quality nutrition and an active lifestyle to ensure everyone has a fair start on the journey of life.

We look forward to hearing your feedback about our products and hope you love them as much as we do!

The Complete Kids Family