Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will your shakes hype my child up? Is it like an energy drink?

    Not at all! The ingredients in our Anytime Kids shakes were actually chosen to do the Complete opposite. They are aimed at giving your child a slow sustained release of energy and nutrients which will help cater for their busy lifestyles and also aid them during periods of rest and recovery.

  2. Are your shakes are a meal by themselves?

    Our products are a source of carbohydrates, protein, recommended fats and 18 essential vitamins and minerals which makes them a great option as a light meal. We recommend serving them with a small piece of fruit on the side to make them a complete meal.

  3. I mixed your product in a glass with a spoon and it still had lumps, please help? 

    To mix our products correctly you must follow mixing directions on the rear of our packaging. We advise using a blender / shaker bottle ( Protein Shaker ) or an electric blender. Shaker bottles with a blender ball inside are the most convenient way to use our products in our opinion. No mess, no fuss and even the kids can use them safely! Search our shaker bottle page for more detail.

  4. Are your products suitable for 2-3 year old's?

    Yes our shakes can be scaled down for 2-3 year old's, just use just x2 scoops (15g in the bag) plus 200ml water or ideally full fat milk. We suggest mixing with full fat milk as our products are low fat, and toddlers need a certain amount of fat in their diets to nurture maximum growth, and support healthy development of the brain and nervous system.

  5. Are your products suitable of adults also?

    Yes, Complete Kids products can make a nutritious meal option for teens, adults and the elderly. Our products currently have 2 different serving sizes which are scaled to match children’s nutritional requirements specifically based on their age range / weight / kilo joule and nutritional needs. So in a nutshell, adult’s larger bodies have higher caloric needs than a 4-8 year old for example so you simply need to increase the recommended serve size slightly to ensure you are getting enough calories. We would recommend a 5 scoop serve with 400mls of water based on a average adult diet of 2000 Calories.

  6. Should I use level serving scoops or just over?

    There is a small line near the top of the scoop supplied with each 420g and 720g packet. Fill approximately to this line and do not overfill i.e (rounded scoops) as the amount of servings per bag will decrease and you will slightly exceed your child's recommended serving size.

  7. Can I use your products with other ingredients in smoothies?

    Yes, our products make a great base to any smoothie, just add your additional ingredients to water or milk depending on your child's needs. Some basic breakfast smoothies are our Vanilla flavour blended with half a banana or add half a cup of uncooked oatmeal to our chocolate flavour and blend well. But be conscious of what additional ingredients you add though as you will increase the calorie intake substantially by simply adding a single piece of fruit and some milk.

  8. Can I freeze your products?

    Yes, our products make great option as a healthy ice block. Add your child's recommended serve size of one of our product ranges to 150mls of milk in a shaker bottle and a drizzle of melted honey. Shake well for approx 30-40 seconds and add to ice block mould's. This should make approx 2 ice blocks, freeze overnight. Search our  Other ways to serve our products page for more detail.

  9. Is this product a good breakfast for my child?

    Yes, our products make a nutritious breakfast option. We would recommend our Anytime Range as they contain a combination of Carbohydrates, protein, essential fats, 18 essential vitamins and minerals and some of natures finest brain foods to encourage your child's ability to learn, read write and spell. They make a great change from sugar rich cereals or go well with a single piece of wholegrain toast or a small piece of fruit to make a great start to your child's day.

  10. Can I serve your products to my kids hot?

    Yes. Our products taste great warm. But please check the temperature of them before serving to ensure they are kid friendly. Search our Other ways to enjoy our products page for more detail.

  11. How many shakes can my child have each day?

    For the average child one serve a day a day based on your child's age group is how we would like to see our products being used as we still believe children should be eating whole foods where possible. Our products are not meant to replace a balanced diet just compliment it. If you have a child that is a fussy eater or has a small appetite we recommend up to 2 shakes a day maximum incorporated with whole foods.

    If you have further questions you would like answered, please do not hesitate to contact us;