Subscription club

Sign up to a Complete Kids Nutrition subscription and save 10% off every order plus you will receive FREE shipping if your order is over $70 (excludes rural addresses- these will be charged a flat fee of $5!         

Yes its that easy! Choose the delivery schedule that works for you (every 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks....) and automatically receive any of our yummy Superfood Milkshakes delivered straight to your door! Ensure the pantry is always stocked and your kids will always have a healthy meal option on hand that they will love.


  • Never upset our little CKN fans by running out of their favourite smoothies
  • Keep kids healthy & happy all year round with no fuss or hassle
  • Receive an on-going 10% discount off every product you have on subscription
  • Delivery to your door automatically without fail - you set the terms
  • Amend subscription yourself, change flavour, size, quantity or add or delete products*
  • Cancel your subscription anytime after the first 2 deliveries with no questions asked**

* To amend your subscription - add or change items  (size / flavour / quantity ) just log into your account, if you are having problems, feel free to email us at


  • Subscriptions are available for all our products in our online store only. Your first order will be processed on the next working day or between 9-5pm each day. Subsequent orders will occur every 14 days, 21 days, 28 days, 42 days or 56 days from the date you ordered depending on the terms you have set.
  • All subscriptions under $70 will include a standard delivery charge of ($7 Nationwide)

  • All subscriptions over $70 will receive FREE delivery nationwide (excluding Rural Addresses)

Subscriptions to a rural address nationwide will incur a $5 delivery surcharge and will be automatically added to your subscription fee. This will be on top of standard delivery charges if under the specified rates above.