Other Ways To Enjoy Our Products

Complete Kids Ice Block

 Kid's love ice blocks on a hot summer’s day! Complete Kids superfood shakes can also be used to make your very own nutritious ice blocks without the added sugar crash!

  1. Following mixing directions on Complete Kids packaging add your child’s recommended serving size based on their age to approximately 100-150mls of milk. Shake or blend well until smooth and consistent. Approx 30-40 secs. The consistency of the shake will be nice and thick (not like a normal shake)

  2. Pour the Complete Kids shake into ice block moulds. Place in freezer for approx 6-8 hours or overnight and once frozen serve.

  3. Let the kids go wild with their very own healthy, but delicious Complete Kids ice block!

Complete Kids Mousse

Healthy Chocolate Mousse! What is this magic you speak of? Dessert packed with 18 essential Vitamins & Minerals and no refined sugar added. Yassssssssssssss!

1. In a blender simply add 100mls of full cream milk, 1 x ice cube and 3 x 15gm scoops of Chocolate Complete Kids Nutrition Shake Mix.

2. Blend well then pour ingredients into a small dessert bowl (the sides of the blender may need a scrape with a spoon)

3. Freeze for 20-25 mins then serve and watch the smile that follows.

Complete Kidscino

Children stuck at home on a chilly winter’s day? Or are the kids starting to feel cold and miserable during their game of soccer or netball in the teeming rain? Why not try our products hot and put that smile back on their face? 

Our dairy superfood shakes taste great warmed up, which will help lift their spirits and satisfy a hungry tummy!

  1. In a shaker bottle accurately pour 150mls of cold water. Then add 150mls of hot or boiling water. Stir briefly. Following mixing directions on Complete Kids packaging add your child’s recommended scoop serving size based on their age.

  2. Shake well until smooth and consistent. Check temperature before serving making sure it is kid friendly and serve in a large mug.

Kidscinos can also be made using milk or a combination of milk and water. All three of our tasty shake flavours taste great warm!