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Mila, Auckland
What miss Mila (5years) thinks about Complete kids Nutrition

Lincoln, Auckland
Lincoln LOVES his Chocolate Complete Kids shakes!

Skye, Auckland
Skye loves shaking up her Complete Kids shakes!



Carol, Auckland

My 8 year old daughter has ADHD and to help calm her down she needs a special diet, that includes a daily intake of vitamins and omega 3, this means pills, and everyone knows how hard it is to get children to take them.

I'm glad I came across Complete Kids shakes it has all she needs in one tasty shake and she doesn't even realize she is having vitamins or omega 3. They are fast to make and go down a treat. I 100% recommend Complete Kids shakes.

Its a great way to give your child there daily intake of vitamins and omega 3 and if you have a child with difficulty like my daughter its a great option to help them out.

Bronwyn, Auckland

Thank you, our parcel arrived today! My boys were thrilled, thank you!

Also, I wanted to let you know that after drinkng his whole drink, I overheard my younger son saying to his brother: "I can't believe that some that something that is 98% sugar free can taste so good!"

Thank you from a mum of picky-eaters!

Aimee, Auckland

Just thought I would share this pic of my 4 yr old (kooper) loving his shake!! We have had so much trouble getting him to eat healthy food and can't wait to see such a difference to his concentration etc with this added boost of vitamins and nutrients!

Thanks Complete Kids

Julie, Auckland


I have two boys 9 & 6 and i ordered a starter pack,they had 2 each so no arguments!! They loved them! Thought the taste was really good and enjoyed doing the shake thing and drinking it from that! Both had one piece of toast with it. Luke the older one said he felt really satisfied for the morning which is good coming from a boy who is always sniffing out food!

Teresa, Auckland

Love trying new products, I found you through Good mag. Kids were always eyeing up their Dads protein shakes, so good to find something for kids, a real treat!

The kids think they are awesome, even their dad is jealous of the cool shaker!

Shannon Ellison, Director Miss Poppins

Complete Kids approached my family of four to do a sample testing with my own littlies, of course we were obliging.

Who better candidates than two extremely fussy eaters aka: my own children, I had warned the team at Complete Kids to not be offended if my children screwed up their noses, however I was pleasantly surprised at their reactions.

Mr 6 year old who does not like to try new foods and who we have battled with eating from an early age LOVED The Complete Kids smoothies, especially the strawberry flavour so much so the following day that is all he wanted for breakfast  lunch and dinner. As a parent having a fussy eater, is a distressing and a constant war. To know I can now offer my child a smoothie packed full of nutrients is a god send especially when my son feels he is having a treat because they are SCRUMMY!!

Mr 4 year old who has an open palette of course loved the selection and the fact that they can help in the process of making a yummy snack in the cute shaker bottles is a real bonus.

Melissa Redshaw, Sales Executive

My family and I were lucky to be involved with the development of Complete Kids Nutrition and their products. As my son Samuel is very active and into sports so the Complete Kids Team felt he would be a perfect candidate to trial their products.

I loved the idea of the products as we are a busy working family and to mix the products with water and run out the door to sports was perfect. On the 3 occasions Sam trialed the 'Active Kids' range he had a lot more energy and even ran the best run he had completed all season!

He was pleasantly surprised in the taste and texture and especially enjoyed the banana flavour. We are really looking forward to the products launching as they appear to be a genuinely healthy option and my son really loved them!

Anj Hooper, Full time Mum

Thank you Complete Kids for the opportunity to sample your products before launching into the market.

My son Tekken became increasingly fussy after his 3rd birthday party resulting in me having to seek out all types of supplements and meal replacement formulas to ensure he was getting adequate nutrition to fill him up. Finding these things wasn't easy and i have tried so many different things that he still turns his nose up at.

Tekken really loved your shakes and i cant rave enough about them as they are exactly what i have been hunting for, i especially love the fact they are use a lot of natural ingredients and have so many vitamins and minerals in them but also that they taste so good!

Your products are certainly a lot healthier than what i have been feeding him, i am really looking forward to ditching all the other mix and match products i have in my cupboard and sticking with yours! We will certainly be purchasing your products!