Why use Complete Kids Products?

      1. They make a convenient and affordable light meal for kids at home, for their lunch box or when there just on the go from as little as just over $2.00 per serve. Simply mix with water, shake, pour and enjoy!
      2. An ideal option for fussy eaters or underweight children with small appetites as they are a great way of boosting your child's calorie intake without having to force wholefoods on them.
      3. Both ranges contain 18 essential vitamins and minerals to support growing bodies.
      4. A rich source of Calcium and Vitamin C to encourage the formation of healthy bones and teeth and support a strong immune system.            
      5. Our shakes contain prebiotic fibre to encourage a healthy digestive system and help regulate bowel movements.
      6. A single shake provides your child with a wholesome blend of essential daily nutrients.
      7. Complete Kids superfood dairy shakes are low in sugar, low fat, low in salt (sodium), low lactose, and gluten free.
      8. A well balanced combination of sustainable energy that won’t jeopardize children's concentration levels.
      9. We only use natural colours, natural flavours and our products are free of preservatives.
      10. There are 3 tasty flavours in each range, so there will be one to suit even the fussiest of kids.